UNDA PRISCA is a genuinely original title, meaning the Ancient Wave - that which is born and has breath. UNDA means new, fresh and without stable shape. PRISCA refers to enduring, lasting and permanent.


UNDA PRISCA was established at 2012 and dedicated for Modern Natural Perfumery as innovative area and synergy of arts, science and praxis, connecting:

  • historical traditions,
  • respectful attitude towards nature and its resources,
  • uses of most advanced technologies of aroma extraction: CO2 extraction, molecular distillation, modern production of tinctures and many more.

    The credo of our small company and lab is professionalism, artistry and honesty.
    UNDA PRISCA authentic perfumery is completely natural, without a single drop of synthetics.

The word PRISCA comes from Hermit and Biblical texts, most commonly used to define the ancient wisdom – Sapentia Prisca.

The name UNDA PRISCA employs a contrast between PRISCA, i.e. focus, attentiveness, concentration of matter, and UNDA, i.e. defocus, blurring, spreading in all directions, erasing of boundaries…


The majority of substances used in our perfumes are extracted using technologies that are least harmful to the nature and the plants: supercritical CO2 extraction, distillation with water and steam, use of low energy consumption technologies.

These are products from small farms and eco companies, produced by conscientious and honest people, who think not only about their profits, but also about the relationship between the human and the plant, about preserving communities and restoration of ecosystems.