Goblet of Barbora Radvilaite


After a secret marriage, Sigismund Augustus was preparing to leave Vilnius for half a year to coordinate the legalization of marriage with Polish nobles. Leaving Barbora in the care of trusted subordinates, he commissioned the production of a special set of clear glassware to be kept in a box reserved for them, from which the key was allways with a faithful servant. The dishes were only for Barbara’s food and drink, protecting her from poison attempts.

Handmade goblets of original design by artist Algė Julija. One goblet represents the historical legacy of Barbora Radvilaitė and the other the historical legacy of her beloved Sigismund Augustus.

More about the project “Secret Love” https://slaptameile.lt/en/

These goblets are designed for the best aesthetic & olfactory experience and an exquisite taste to your drink. The hollow stem and thick glass walls keeps the liquid at the right temperature for the aroma to open up and gather in a cup. That is why they are suitable not only for special moments but as well for degustation.

Max capacity: 320 ml

We recommend: 250 ml for the best odour/taste

Top Diameter: 70 mm

Height: 17 mm




Unlike industrial factories that made glass, our production is handmade. That is what makes our glass unique, having their own individual features. Each goblet might have slight variations which, looking from a close distance, will be visible in its shape, surface texture, colour intensity and/or small air bubbles.

We would like to ensure you that goblets from our collection will enhance your table and give a consistent look, while each glass keeping its individual aesthetic appearance.


Our goblets are made for special occasions rather than everyday use, so we don‘t recommend washing them in a dishwasher. We’d like to give some additional tips on how to maintain the lasting brilliance of our tableware:

  • use the soft side of washing sponge. The rough texture washing material will make scratches on the glass surface.
  • avoid leaving them wet for prolonged periods of time
  • We recommend drying them upside down on a soft kitchen towel for a few minutes before starting to dry them by hand with a kitchen towel.



Our goblets are not heat-resistant. They’re not suitable for microwave, oven or freezer. They should also not be used in boiling-hot drinks.

Maximum sudden change in temperature that the glass is subjected to should not exceed 60 °C range.