Mitti attar mițțī gili


It is not known when exactly Kannauj perfumers began to distill the essence of Ganga’s river mud. The scent of this essence can be compared to the fragrance of the earth after the rain. For many centuries every year Kannauj people are waiting for the Ganga river to be drained once again in order to go to the coastal areas to collect the fragrant mud. The mud of the river is delivered to the local potters, who will turn the mud into the pots.

These rough-looking vessels will be placed in the kilns, burned and transported to the distillery. There they will be placed in large brass or clay alembics and distillation will be running for the several weeks.

The value of Mitti attar is determined by the amount of the most delicate molecule – geosmin – the major component of petrichor – the unique scent of moist earth after rain.

Earthy, woody, dusty; base


1 ml