UNDA TERTIA Mimosa eau de parfum 2 ml


Top notes: Mimosa of Provence, Mediterranean rosemary and porcelain-white Chinese magnolia

Heart: Normandy blackcurrants and Tunisian orange blossom

Bottom notes: Indian white sandalwood and Atlantic algae.

Unda Tertia is the 3rd EDP in the Unda Prisca (primordial wave) series. The fragrance series was designed as a sequence of musical chords, highlighting similarities between the oscillations of scent and sound waves, and opening a way to synesthetic exploration.

In perfume, as in music, composition is chordal, so the intervals between two scents of different pitch, intensity and volatility are vital to the development of the chord.

Scents, like sounds, can be composed to make the wearer feel happy, joyful, elated or melancholic, nostalgic and romantic.

INCI: alcohol, parfum; limonene*, oakmoss extract*, linalool* - *natural components.

UNDA TERTIA MIMOSA created from 100% natural ingredients.

Perfumes are created from 100% natural, rare, collectible, experimental ingredients; extracts and essential oils distilled on small farms from wild plants and renewable raw materials in small quantities. These ingredients are selected by the perfumer herself and bought directly from the producers.

Keep out of reach of children!

Do not use, if is sensitivity to any ingredient. Avoid eye contact.

Keep perfume from light and heat.